Brothers Cricket Club is committed to providing an environment in which people are treated fairly and equitably and that is, as far as practicable, free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.


We recognise that people may not be able to enjoy themselves or perform at their best if they are treated unfairly, discriminated against, harassed or bullied.

We expect all members* to abide by the Queensland Cricket and Cricket Australia Codes of Behaviours adopted by Brothers Cricket Club.


*Members include everyone involved in the activities of our club whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity and including:


  • club committee members, administrators and other club officials;
  • coaches and assistant coaches and other personnel participating in events and activities, including camps and training sessions;
  • support personnel, including managers, physiotherapists, psychologists, masseurs, sport trainers and others;
  • referees, umpires and other officials;
  • athletes;
  • members, including any life members;
  • parents;
  • spectators;


 DOWNLOAD        Coaches Code of Behaviour.doc (210KB)


 DOWNLOAD        Parents Code of Behaviour.doc (209KB)


 DOWNLOAD        Players Code of Behaviour.doc (209KB)


DOWNLOAD  Racial and Religious Vilification Code.doc (211KB)


 DOWNLOAD  Umpires Code of Behaviour.doc (211KB)